The Reserve Bank of India today notified that M/s. Gitanjali Gems Limited (   has passed resolutions at the board of directors' level and at a special resolution by the shareholders, to enhance the limit for purchase of its equity shares and convertible debentures by Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs), through primary market and stock exchanges, under the Portfolio Investment Scheme to 50 per cent of its paid up capital.
The Reserve Bank of India has today notified that the aggregate net purchases of equity shares in M/s Polaris Software Lab Limited ( by Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs)/Non-Resident Indians (NRIs)/Persons of Indian Origin (PIOs) under Portfolio Investment Scheme (PIS) have reached the trigger limit. Therefore, no further purchases of equity shares of this company would be allowed through stock exchanges in India on behalf of FIIs.
The result of the RBI Reverse Repo auction held today is as under:
The Reserve Bank of India has announced the auction of 91-day Government of India Treasury Bills for notified amount of ` 7,000 crore. The auction will be conducted on September 21, 2011 using "Multiple Price Auction" method. The allocation to the non-competitive bidders will be outside the notified amount at the discretion of the Bank. The sale will be subject to the terms and conditions specified in the General Notification No. F.2 (12)-W & M/97 dated 31st March, 1998 issued by Government of India and as amended from time to time.
The following six State Governments have announced the sale of their 10-year State Development Loans (SDLs) for an aggregate amount of ` 4100.000 crore (face value) through yield based auction using multiple price auction method.
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