Luxury dinner could make even the richest think twice before ordering

Friday, January 28, 2011

BEIJING - A luxury hotel in China is offering a special dinner package for the upcoming Chinese lunar new year that may cause even the most well-off to think twice before ordering it. It’s priced at 388,888 yuan (about $59,000).

The high price of the dinner package has made it one of the most expensive New Year’s Eve dinners in the country, China Daily reported Thursday.

The five-star Crowne Plaza Suzhou, located in the city’s industrial park in Suzhou, administrative division of east China’s Jiangsu Province, is offering the package since mid-January.

The dinner package includes dinner for eight on Feb 2, the Chinese New Year’s eve, one night’s accommodation in the presidential suite and transportation in a Hummer vehicle.

The dinner features 10 succulent courses such as Ah Yat Abalone, braised white truffle with shark fin and stewed wild honeycomb with bird’s nest.

Traditional Suzhou art, including pingtan, a type of storytelling and ballad singing in the local dialect, and performances of embroidery will be presented during the dinner.

“The package aims to provide a different New Year experience for high-end customers. The price is not our selling point,” a member of the hotel’s marketing department who declined to be named was quoted by the Daily.

“The package will be available to a single customer and everything will be prepared,” she said, adding the hotel has received a number of inquiries.

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