A look at economic developments and activity in major stock markets around the world

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Economic Growth

  • sh0wn Green jobs have been all the rage when discussing economic growth but what about web jobs? Impossible to find a great developer these days.
  • hosealim Watering China's Economic Growth, https://bit.ly/bjHBtd
  • FraserInstitute Average life expectancy for a Canadian = 80.7 years, thanks to improved technology and economic growth. PDF article https://bit.ly/9lJojN
  • Z_Finances AP - Stock futures are rising sharply on new signs of economic growth worldwide.... https://zmarter.com/263175
  • Bill_Watkins Tim Duy's index implies slow economic growth for Oregon. https://bit.ly/ciKZxj Any growth is welcome. Oregon has been hammered.
  • mikejmcginnis Positive Third Quarter GDP Promises More Improvement|With the first quarter of economic growth in over a year, .. https://oohja.com/xasV5
  • lipsh The Fraser Institute says: "Security Partnership With the United States Key to Canada's Long-Term Economic Growth"
  • YorkUResearch Article on challenges of attracting star researchers in context of economic growth & commercialization: https://bit.ly/aodgnz #research #
  • NuWire Natural Resource Rich Peru May Be Emerging As An Investment Destination: With strong economic growth and rich natu... https://bit.ly/beyRC2
  • breakingtweets Rwanda achieves impressive economic growth and aims for more. https://bit.ly/bBTgFa (per @GlobalPost)

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Economic Growth

  • petrbuben Can China be an international leader | Jamie F Metzl
  • investmentsinfo when do i get my economic stimulus https://bit.ly/bP85NG
  • investmentsinfo lowest mortgage rate https://bit.ly/alMOrE
  • investmentsinfo lowest mortgage rates https://bit.ly/9PE06e
  • webx Rwanda achieves impressive economic growth and aims for more. https://bit.ly/bBTgFa (per @GlobalPost)
  • fastake Wait time at the border for trucks is a major variable in modelling regional economic growth
  • intellibitz In #IPL u can get gr8 cases of- business, entertainment, leadership, teamwork, and probably, India's economic growth!
  • archivedigger Export-Driven Growth Leaving China With An Economic Bubble - Hartford Courant
  • amortgagedebt 2008 economic stimulus payment https://bit.ly/cPPqjs
  • jranck Rwanda achieves economic growth
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