World stock markets rise ahead of US retail sales data; gold hits new record

World stocks buoyant ahead of US retail sales data

President Obama politely prods for individual freedoms, unblocked Internet in message to China

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  • sunjammer Interesting to see the world economy go to shit. Like previously stated: Go watch Collapse. All this is foreseen.
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  • edlabordems RT @LeaderHoyer - Our economy created 290,000 jobs in April, the most in 4 years and 4th straight month of growth
  • howard045 This should come as no surprise that fuel efficiency is a continuing factor in fresh automobile sales. The economy may
  • petterw Free WiFi at the Dutchess of Kent, nice when on your lonesome, but Digital Economy act might soon kill that
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  • sottolaw @chad5521 Yeah, but adding more taxes in a down economy only spells bad news and hurts everyone.
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