NEW DELHI - All passenger trains will move to a five-digit numbering system from Monday in place of the existing four-digit system, giving each train a unique indentifiable number, the railways ministry said Sunday.
NEW DELHI - Passengers from major Indian cities travelling to European countries on the Nordic carrier Finnair will now be able to fly on single ticket, thanks to a tie-up with domestic airline Kingfisher.
PALAKKAD -Construction major Sobha Group, which conducts community marriages as part of its corporate social responsibility programme, has sponsored 291 marriages since 2003 in Kerala's Alathur town.
NEW DELHI - India needs a conducive environment for local manufacturing and R&D projects to drive its medical electronics industry, a new report says.
The prices of ancestral properties left in India by emigrating non-resident Indians (NRIs) have escalated beyond their belief. Little wonder they have developed a new and intense interest in claiming their share, especially with recession biting hard in the West. In the last few years, the ancestral homes in India are valued in crores.
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