Catwalk for dogs and pets for comfort at this fair!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

NEW DELHI - An Australian dog trainer has a simple reason for pets becoming more popular in India - late marriages! And the hundreds flocking to a pet fair here could only agree as they delight in watching dog shows and soak in grooming tips for their furry and feathered companions.

“People here are marrying late. So till they marry, dogs and other pets are their companions or substitute,” John Richardson, an Australian national who runs a dog training company, told IANS.

He is one of the participants at the three-day India International Pet Trade Fair in Okhla which started Friday. Over 1,000 distributors, manufacturers and sellers are taking part in the fair, which is expected to attract over 10,000 visitors.

Jashomati Chatterjee, who was at the fair to participate with her German Shepard named ‘Tiger’, said, I’m in love with my pet, he is like my baby and I am like her mother.

“Tiger is very responsive and caring and is crazy about the long drives. Sometimes when I fight with him and get injured, Tiger starts licking it.”

Said Linda Brady Hawke, secretary general of the India Pet Industry Association: “The fair is not only useful to create business opportunities for the Indian pet industry but also making people aware about the joy of having a pet in their homes.”

There are dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, even fish at the pet show. The event will see dogs strutting their furry best on the catwalk, grooming lectures, fancy dress shows, vet lectures.

A woman who had come from Bangalore showed off her brown and white coat Shih-tzu dog named Devil, which looked tame and cuddly enough, with a pink bow around its head and a golden chain.

Exotic birds were also being sold and added colour to the event.

Ajay Sood, secretary of the small animal veterinary association, encouraged people to have pets, pointing out that their upkeep is not difficult if certain key points are followed.

“It’s always safe to have a pet into your house, if safe basic hygiene is maintained with pets like animal vaccination, de-worming and regular grooming,” he said.

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