The Reserve Bank of India has decided to implement the guidelines relating to introduction of CDS for Corporate Bonds ( effective December 1, 2011.
The Reserve Bank of India has today notified that the aggregate net purchases of equity shares in M/s Kavveri Telecom Products Ltd ( . by Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs)/Non Resident Indian (NRIs)/Persons of Indian Origins (PIOs) in primary/secondary markets under Portfolio Investment Scheme (PIS) have reached the trigger limit. Therefore, further purchases of equity shares of this company would be allowed only after obtaining prior approval of the Reserve Bank of India.
Data on sectoral deployment of credit collected on a monthly basis from select 47 scheduled commercial banks accounting for about 95 per cent of the total non-food credit deployed by all scheduled commercial banks for the month of October 2011 are set out in Statements I ( and II ( . These data are also available in the Real-Time Handbook of Statistics on the Indian Economy ( ( ).
The result of the RBI Reverse Repo auction held today is as under:
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