GENEVA - A former top Swiss private banking executive turned WikiLeaks collaborator was found guilty Wednesday by a Zurich court of violating bank secrecy, attempted coercion and sending threatening letters.

GENEVA - Swiss pharmaceutical giant Novartis posted a third quarter profit of nearly $2.3 billion Thursday - up 10 percent on the same period last year.

GENEVA - Seeing light at the end of the tunnel will be more than just a catch phrase when Swiss engineers blast through the last Alpine granite barrier Oct 15 at the Gotthard Base Tunnel - the world's longest rail tunnel.

GENEVA - A Swiss government committee on Monday published new rules requiring the country's two biggest banks to increase their capital reserves beyond international standards agreed last month.

GENEVA - Swiss bank UBS AG says it won't be paying dividends "for some time" as it seeks to bolster its capital reserves to meet new rules designed to protect banks from sudden collapse.
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