IBM tops in securing US patents in 2009

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

BANGALORE - IBM, which has a global management centre here, has emerged as the world’s most inventive firm by securing 4,914 US patents in 2009, the global IT major said Wednesday.

The US patent numbers reflect our leadership as the world’s premier innovative industrial organisation, said IBM India chief technologist Gurudath Banavar in a statement here.

With a record number of patents, IBM nearly quadrupled Hewlett-Packard’s number of patents (1,273) and exceeded the combined issuances of Microsoft, Oracle, Apple, Accenture, Google and HP.

According to research firm IFI Claims Patent Services, the other top eight US patent leaders were Samsung (3,611), Microsoft (2,906), Canon (2,206), Panasonic (1,829), Toshiba (1,696), Sony (1,696), Intel (1,537) and Seiko Epson (1,330).

We will offer our invention knowhow and patent portfolio management software to clients seeking to enhance their IP (intellectual property) capabilities in support of innovation-based growth strategies, Banavar said.

According to him, IBM’s knowhow and patent management software can help innovative firms to evaluate their patent portfolios, identify new patent opportunities, and align their business and IP strategies.

The global IT major also published about 4,000 inventions last year instead of seeking patent protection. The inventions are available in a public database.

We will provide access to our advanced invention through engagement with clients and stimulate growth by supporting development of higher-value patent portfolios, Banavar said.

Under the patent and IP management offering, IBM will provide clients with knowhow to help them plan, create and leverage their IP portfolios, he added.

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