Munda asks ministers to monitor development work

Thursday, November 11, 2010

RANCHI - Jharkhand Chief Minister Arjun Munda, in a letter Thursday, asked all state ministers to personally monitor the development work of their respective departments and continue the fight against corruption.

“Each minister should personally review the development work to assess the work progress. There is a need to make the government functioning vibrant. The fight against corruption which has been started should continue and the investigation should be completed in three months,” said the letter.

Munda expressed unhappiness over the poor expenditure of funds allocated in the state budget and centrally-sponsored schemes.

“I reviewed the work of all departments and found that Rs.2,500 crore against Rs.9,420 crore of planned budget has been spent in the current financial year, which is just 27 percent of the planned budget,” his letter said.

“I also found that Rs.2,000 crore in centrally sponsored schemes lapsed during the last financial year. In the current financial year, only Rs.2,500 crore against Rs.10,700 crore centrally sponsored schemes has been spent. I am not happy with the data and there is a need to meet the expectations of the people of the state,” the letter added.

Munda directed all departmental secretaries to hold press conferences every month. He also stressed the need to improve the image of the state.

“Besides ensuring development of the state, there is a need to improve the image of the state,” the ending note of the letter said.

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