Gorge on chicken kebabs, biryani at trade fair’s Pakistan pavilion

Saturday, November 20, 2010

NEW DELHI - Come Sunday and Delhiites would finally be savouring piping hot biryanis and melt-in-the-mouth murgh malai tikkas as famous Pakistani restaurateur Shahid Bundu Khan is all set to start operating his food stall at the India International Trade Fair.

“My stall would start operating from tomorrow (Sunday) morning and I am looking forward to lots of customers. We would start preparing our fare early morning,” a delighted Khan told IANS.

But it was a painstaking process for the 47-year-old hailing from Karachi, as he struggled to participate in the fair because the organisers denied him the nod to set up a stall - for no clear reasons, he says.

Finally, he was permitted but not without acquiring a trade licence from the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) and a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Delhi Police which would have taken at least 10 days, by which time the fair would have been almost over.

“I applied for the licence with the MCD. But the whole process takes 10 days and without the licence, the police refused to issue a No Objection Certificate. That was the root of the problem.

“But with the intervention of the International Trade Promotion Organisation (ITPO), everything got sorted out, Khan said.

“I would like to invite everybody to my stall and relish our delicious food. Our stall is just opposite hall number six in the Pakistan pavilion,” Khan said.

Visitors can look forward to malai botis, various types of chicken and mutton kebabs, and tikkas, halwas and paranthas.

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