UAE to participate in 16 international trade fairs

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Abu Dhabi, Jan 16 (IANS/WAM) As part of its efforts to attract more foreign investments, the United Arab Emirates will participate in 16 international trade fairs and exhibitions across the globe, including one in India, this year.

The Ministry of Foreign Trade (MFT) is also busy in arranging promotional tours to many countries this year.

Abdullah Ahmad Al Saleh, the undersecretary of the MFT, said that the ministry’s plans include the participation in over 16 international trade fairs and exhibitions that are scheduled to take place around the world this year.

The ministry also aims at boosting the export of UAE products to important global markets and at promoting various investment opportunities in the country with the aim of attracting more foreign capital, he added.

The list of fairs and expos that the ministry plans to participate in includes: The UAE-Spain Forum in Spain, which is scheduled from Jan 31 to Feb 1; the 19th International Engineering & Technology Fair in New Delhi, India, from Feb 10-12; the GCC Economic Forum in Romania from March 8-10; the Australia Arab Business Forum & Expo 2011 in Australia from May 5-6; Africa’s Big Seven in Johannesburg and Cape Town from July 17-18; and the Trade Expo - Indonesia in Indonesia from Oct 19-23.


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