ATHENS - Civil servants in Greece embarked on a 24-hour strike Thursday in protest over the government's austerity programme, forcing the closure of public institutions, and the cancellation of dozens of domestic and international flights.

ATHENS, Greece - Crisis-hit Greece on Monday vowed to slash next year's budget deficit beyond demands made by the European Union and International Monetary Fund, but braced for a surge in unemployment and another year of recession.

BRUSSELS - European and Asian leaders opened a formal summit amid high security and palace opulence, hoping to agree on commitments to keep the global financial system on an even keel and find a better balance on the Europe-dominated International Monetary Fund.

ATHENS - Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao said Sunday the country remains a developing nation despite great changes over the past three decades.

BRUSSELS - Tens of thousands of workers marched Wednesday through the streets of Europe, decrying the loss of jobs and benefits they fear will come with stinging austerity measures seeking to contain government debt.
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