Ben nelson

Senate Dems reach 60 vote threshold on health bill
WASHINGTON - Democratic leaders secured the support of Sen.
Nelson supports health bill after tough bargaining
WASHINGTON - A holdout no more, Sen.

NEW YORK - At 21, Jelena Woehr describes herself as a feminist, focusing on issues such as domestic violence and improved career opportunities for women.
Abortion opponents watching Nelson on health care
OMAHA, Neb. - Waiting at home for Nebraska's Ben Nelson is the following message: "Merry Christmas and we thank you for your stance on pro-life issues so far, and we hope you continue to stand for what's morally correct." Matthew Grgurich left the message Friday before attending a protest of health care legislation at the Democratic senator's office near the state capital.
AP News in Brief
Democratic senator says health care bill 'on life support' after Obama fails to break logjam WASHINGTON (AP) - President Barack Obama's health care appeal failed to break the congressional gridlock Thursday, dimming hopes for millions of uninsured Americans.
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