GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip - Israel's decision to allow some construction material into the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip is barely making a dent in alleviating a crushing housing shortage in the impoverished Palestinian territory.
Cuba criticizes Obama for keeping embargo
HAVANA - Cuba's foreign minister said Wednesday that President Barack Obama has missed a golden opportunity to improve relations, lamenting that nearly two years after he offered an olive branch to America's traditional foes, the U.S.

JERUSALEM - Israel began moving 250 tons of construction supplies into Gaza on Monday, the largest shipment of raw materials to the coastal territory since it eased a blockade in the wake of a deadly raid on a flotilla trying to break the embargo in May.

JERUSALEM - Israel says it is allowing the largest shipment of construction materials into Gaza since its deadly raid on an international flotilla in May.

UNITED NATIONS - Israel urged Lebanon and the international community on Friday to prevent ships from sailing to Gaza from the Lebanese port of Tripoli to break Israel's blockade of the Hamas-ruled Palestinian territory.
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