State College

STATE COLLEGE, Pa. - Joe Paterno is now peerless in his profession.

STATE COLLEGE, Pa. - Penn State quarterbacks coach Jay Paterno was checking in by phone with his vacationing mother when his father wanted to chat.

STATE COLLEGE, Pa. - A Penn State study which paints a rosy forecast on the economic potential of natural gas drilling has been greeted with skepticism from a citizens group and a think tank which favors a severance tax because the research was funded by an industry group.

STATE COLLEGE, Pa. - Two Penn State graduates are paying $9,000 for a chance to see through Hall of Fame football coach Joe Paterno's trademark thick-rimmed glasses.

LAKEWOOD, N.J. - Toyota has launched a media campaign to bolster its reputation for quality as nervous customers confront dealers across the country about faulty gas pedal systems.
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