WASHINGTON - Fears of a full-blown currency war flared Thursday as the dollar fell to an eight-month low against the euro and the U.S.

BRUSSELS - Countries around the world are acting to keep their currencies from rising, in what one official calls a looming "international currency war." Europe, however, stands out as unlikely to intervene and lower the value of the euro.

BRUSSELS - European leaders on Tuesday urged China to let its currency rise and narrow a trade deficit that has strained relations, while promising Asian countries in return more power in global financial institutions.

BRUSSELS - The surging economies of Asia should be granted more power in the traditionally Western-dominated global financial institutions, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao said Monday at the opening of the Euro-Asian summit.

BRUSSELS - European and Asian leaders opened a formal summit amid high security and palace opulence, hoping to agree on commitments to keep the global financial system on an even keel and find a better balance on the Europe-dominated International Monetary Fund.
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