Visual Arts

PARIS - After redefining the way women dress, Phoebe Philo - Celine designer and purveyor of the new minimalism that has taken catwalks and Main Street by storm - is aiming to redefine the values of the luxury industry.

WASHINGTON - Former Washington Post publisher Katharine Graham is in the spotlight at the National Portrait Gallery with an exhibit devoted to her work that helped shape U.S.

NEW YORK - Lehman Brothers may have blundered its way to disaster on Wall Street, but at least the bank's art curators knew what they were doing.

PARIS - He's an uncontested master with a pen and sketchbook, on which he's been rattling off blockbuster ready-to-wear and haute couture collections for decades.

NEW YORK - Autumn travel means harvest festivals, classic New England inns, and hikes and drives to see fall foliage.
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