China offers ‘anger-release’ service for netizens

Monday, August 23, 2010

BEIJING - More than 400 online stores in China are providing “anger-release” service to their customers who wish to get rid of their mental stress caused by family matters, studies and pressure at work places.

According to online shopping website Taobao, such stores have become popular among young netizens who are ready to pay the shop owners for listening to their secrets and tolerating their scoldings, China Daily reported.

“I was inspired by my female friends who like to confide their troubles about family, study and work. I prefer to call my store a ‘recycle station’ for pressure and annoyance,” said Wang Ping, a female owner of an anger-release store in Shanghai.

Depending on the price, the customers are allowed to complain against any one as a way of releasing anger or stress. Customers pay with a debit or credit card and shop owners guarantee anonymity.

Some stores offer a price list categorised either by time or requirements. Normally, it costs about 1 yuan (15 cents) for a 10-minute period, in which the customers are allowed to say and complain about anything they want, even saying curse words.

Advertisements for such stores read “Get rid of high pressure”, “Enjoy scolding”, “Best way to relax” and so on to attract netizens.

“I was so curious how it would work that I paid 1 yuan for the service,” said 20-year-old Guo Qing, a second-year university student from Guangzhou.

She said that she prefers talking to strangers about her problems. “I’m scared to tell my anxieties to my good friends as there is possibility that they would use that against me in the future”.

Lang Lihan, 25, said: “I think it is a good way for me to express my anger and frustration. Sometimes my supervisor blames me for trifles and I cannot lose my temper easily in front of a girlfriend or close friends.”

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