Ban genetically modified crops: Greenpeace India

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

NEW DELHI - A Greenpeace India delegation Tuesday met the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Agriculture and demanded a ban on Genetically Modified (GM) crops, saying that they were a threat to the countrys agriculture, food safety and environment.

The delegation made a presentation before the standing committee and presented evidence and credible publications outlining the threats posed by GM crops.

We want the committee to make recommendations that will ensure a sustainable future for our farming and act against such false promises like GM crops, said Rajesh Krishnan, manager of Sustainable Agriculture Campaign, Greenpeace India.

The issue of GM food was included in the 31-member parliamentary committees agenda after large-scale public interest was built around the Biotech seed industrys attempt to get approval for the first GM food crop Bt Brinjal. However, facing public opposition and scientific opinion going against it, the government suspended it indefinitely.

It is heartening to see that the standing committee on agriculture has understood the concerns people of this country have regarding GM food and taken a matter so crucial to India with the seriousness it deserves, Krishnan added.

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