PATNA - After being neglected for decades, India's first president Rajendra Prasad's memorial here will be developed as a tourist spot, an official said Sunday.
LONDON - Retailers in Britain would be told to stop selling "highly sexualised products" including T-shirts that bear provocative slogans like "Want me, need me, love me", a media report said Sunday.
KATHMANDU - The battle by Nepal's former Maoist guerrillas to push for a new economical model next year in which the state would control economy and all resources with the private sector was defeated Sunday with the major ruling parties thumbing down the proposal.
NEW DELHI - Teenagers are obsessed with mobile phones and carry them to schools, tution centres and other public places, a study released here Sunday said.
NEW DELHI - Dheeraj Kumar, a real esate broker here and frequent traveller, finally hopes he will be spared from the unwanted calls from tele-marketing firms and the hole they burn in his wallet following new norms announced by the telecom watchdog.
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