Punjab, Haryana fogged out

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

CHANDIGARH - A thick blanket of fog enveloped most parts of Punjab, Haryana and their joint capital Chandigarh Wednesday morning, disrupting rail, road and air traffic.

Road traffic was reduced to a snail’s pace in most parts of the region. Most trains from Chandigarh were running behind schedule.

Overcast conditions and foggy weather have also affected flight operations at the Chandigarh airport.

“Most flights are delayed by one to two hours,” an airport official said.

Cold winds swept across the region Wednesday and kept the mercury below average levels.

Haryana’s Narnaul town was the coldest in the region at a low of 2.7 degrees Celsius Wednesday. Ambala town shivered at 5.3 degrees.

Hisar, Karnal and Bhiwani towns registered minimum temperatures of 5.5, 5 and 3.8 degrees respectively.

Chandigarh recorded a minimum temperature of 5 degrees Wednesday, nearly three notches below Tuesday’s mark.

“Due to fog, there was almost zero visibility in various cities of Punjab and Haryana this morning. Overcast conditions are also prevailing in most parts of this region and we are expecting similar conditions to continue for the next couple of days,” a weather department official said here Wednesday.

Amritsar was freezing at 3.2 degrees, while Patiala and Ludhiana cities recorded minimum temperatures of 3.8 and 4.6 degrees respectively.

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