I’m not going to stand by and see laid-off workers cut off from their lifeline: John Kerry on Tax Cut
The Democrats have decidedly voted unanimously in against Republican backed Obama's tax cut extension plans.
Madoff Trustee In $59 Dollar Law Suit Against Bank Medici Founder
WASHINGTON ( -- After almost 2 years after the world got to know about the biggest Ponzi scheme in History was actually perpetrated by Bernard Madoff, his investment firm filed its biggest and probably its last law Suit.

QUITO, Ecuador - Soldiers firing concussion grenades and automatic weapons have rescued Ecuador's president from a hospital where he had been trapped by rebellious police for more than 12 hours.
Top ballot item: bid to legalize pot in California
No single election contest this fall combines the buzz and history-making potential of California's Proposition 19, which would make the state the first to legalize recreational use of marijuana.

SAN JUAN, Texas - When Ruth Garcia's twins are born in two months, they'll have all the rights of U.S.
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