NEW YORK - Customers who step into the offices of Heritage West Financial in San Diego have always favored gold as an investment on paper, a place to park their money.
Bangladesh garment workers reject new wage rates
DHAKA, Bangladesh - Thousands of garment workers unhappy over their wages rampaged through central Dhaka on Friday, clashing with police who used tear gas and batons to clear the streets.
Bangladesh raises garment workers' pay 80 percent
DHAKA, Bangladesh - Bangladesh has raised minimum monthly wages for its millions of garment workers by about 80 percent after months of violent protests over poor pay and conditions, a government minister said Thursday.
Micromax Crosses Border, Enters Bangladesh
NEW DELHI, INDIA ( The India based mobile handset companies are not only giving the old time players a run for their money in the domestic market but they are also gearing up to grab a pie of the huge international market.

With half of all men in some developing countries already hooked on cigarettes, the tobacco industry is now courting lucrative new customers - young women, a report said Thursday.
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