Energy Efficiency

COLUMBUS, Ohio - A little argument over light bulbs that broke out in Ohio provides some early lessons in meeting the tough, new energy efficiency requirements that are sweeping the nation.

BOSTON - Homeowners tired of paying high electricity bills can now turn the tables by selling excess electricity back to power companies at more lucrative rates.

PIERRE, S.D. - The South Dakota Public Utilities Commission should adopt a general policy that makes it clear energy efficiency is a priority in regulating utilities that sell natural gas in the state, commission chairman Dusty Johnson said Monday.
China to dramatically slow emissions growth
BEIJING - China promised to slow its carbon emissions, saying it would nearly halve the ratio of pollution to GDP over the next decade - a major move by the world's largest emitter, whose cooperation is crucial to any deal as a global climate summit approaches.
China announces plan to boost energy efficiency
BEIJING - China announced plans Thursday to cut its carbon emissions by up to 45 percent as measured against its economic output - a target aimed at keeping its surging growth while still reining in pollution.
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