Food And Drink

OLYMPIA, Wash. - Washington state consumers started paying more for soda, candy and gum this year amid a nationwide push to impose higher taxes on sugary foods.

RALEIGH, N.C. - A North Carolina company that touted its stainless steel water bottles on television and the Internet as a safer alternative to plastic water bottles has been ordered to stop making those claims.

SAN FRANCISCO - San Francisco lawmakers have given preliminary approval to a law that would prohibit fast-food restaurants from putting toys in children's meals unless they include fruits and vegetables and don't have too many unhealthy calories.

COALINGA, Calif. - Right there on a desolate strip of Interstate 5 between Los Angeles and San Francisco, the Harris Ranch Restaurant offers a stop in Central California that feeds hungry travelers from its own surrounding farmland.

WICHITA, Kan. - Vance Ehmke tracks global grain markets as closely as he watches the weather forecasts, so when his winter wheat crop was nearly double its normal size, he hoped all those extra bushels would make up for lackluster prices amid a global grain glut.
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