Foreign Policy

SAO PAULO - The emcee's voice begins rising to a crescendo rivaling that of any Las Vegas ring announcer, a yell driving through a dense tropical rain that concisely explains what Brazil's adored president means to his nation.

RIGA, Latvia - The implosion of Latvia's economy has propelled an unlikely candidate to the front ahead of Saturday's national election: a left-leaning party rooted in the country's ethnic Russian minority.

WASHINGTON - Two senior senators are urging the Obama administration to punish the Chinese National Petroleum Co.

UNITED NATIONS - Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said Saturday there will be no peace deal with Israel unless the Jewish state stops settlement construction in areas the Palestinians claim for their future state.

UNITED NATIONS - Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon warned kings, prime ministers and presidents Thursday of growing political polarization and social inequalities and implored U.N.
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