Healthy Eating

PORTLAND, Ore. - Despite widespread efforts to attract low-income shoppers, farmers' markets have had limited success in drawing people like Bishop Reed, who in the past three years has lost his job and his home.

NEW YORK - PepsiCo Inc. is hoping to revive its Quaker division with new types of cereal, a reformulation of its instant oatmeal and a new marketing campaign.

BALTIMORE - First lady Michelle Obama showed off her throwing arm Tuesday after making a pitch to Major League Baseball to help her fight childhood obesity.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A child obesity epidemic fed by fast food, sugary drinks and too much television threatens to create the first generation of American youths who live shorter lives than their parents, Michelle Obama said Monday.

BALTIMORE - At the Almost Everything Grocery & Deli in east Baltimore, a cashier hits a buzzer, allowing customers to open the locked door.
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