LAGOS - With Indian outreach to Africa steadily growing, a major Indian products and services show is being mounted here later this month amid high hopes that trade between India and Nigeria will pick up this year after a lull in the past two years.

LAGOS, Nigeria - Nigeria's electoral commission asked Sunday to delay the upcoming presidential election in Africa's most populous nation by several months, warning that the January poll date wouldn't give workers enough time to conduct a new voter registration drive.

LAGOS, Nigeria - An English oil exploration company says it has confirmed a second offshore oil field near the coastline of Ghana.

LAGOS, Nigeria - Nigeria will hold its presidential election in January, giving the oil-rich nation only four months to register voters and untangle its notoriously corrupt electoral system.

LAGOS, Nigeria - Nigeria could become the fifth most populous country in the world, teetering on the edge of a "demographic disaster" unless its stagnant economy rapidly expands to support its teeming youth population, according to a report released Wednesday.
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