Renewable Energy

NEWARK, N.J. - One New Jersey lawmaker wants to add a new attraction to amusement parks along the Jersey shore: windmills.
China to dramatically slow emissions growth
BEIJING - China promised to slow its carbon emissions, saying it would nearly halve the ratio of pollution to GDP over the next decade - a major move by the world's largest emitter, whose cooperation is crucial to any deal as a global climate summit approaches.
China announces plan to boost energy efficiency
BEIJING - China announced plans Thursday to cut its carbon emissions by up to 45 percent as measured against its economic output - a target aimed at keeping its surging growth while still reining in pollution.

BOSTON - Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick has signed a bill designed to streamline the state's push for renewable energy.
The challenge in Copenhagen: reshaping the world
AMSTERDAM - Next month's climate summit in Copenhagen seeks to transform the way we run the planet, from the generation of energy, to the building of homes and cities, to the shaping of the landscape.
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