HARARE, Zimbabwe - Zimbabwe's health minister says the southern African country needs $700 million to restore health services shattered by a decade of political and economic turmoil.

HARARE, Zimbabwe - Zimbabwe's president on Thursday told foreign investors that they must accept black Zimbabweans as the major shareholders in their projects - or stay away from the southern African nation.

JOHANNESBURG - South Africa's government is withdrawing the special status granted to illegal Zimbabwean immigrants who fled their country's economic meltdown and political violence, a spokesman said Thursday.

HARARE, Zimbabwe - In what's being hailed as an unprecedented move that will boost buyer awareness of blood diamonds, a global diamond trading network vowed Monday to expel any member who knowingly trades gems from two Zimbabwe mines where laborers have been killed and children enslaved.

JOHANNESBURG - Zimbabwe auctioned 900,000 carats of rough gems Wednesday from a diamond field where human rights groups say soldiers killed 200 people, raped women and enslaved children.
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