Gorakhpur farmers turn to poultry business

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

GORAKHPUR - Farmers in Uttar Pradesh’s Gorakhpur district are taking to poultry business as the agriculture sector has suffered losses.

Owing to increasing demand and the profit margins attached to it, growers have taken up poultry farming.

To meet the shortage of poultry products in the domestic and international markets ahead of Christmas and New Year, many farmers have turned to rearing chickens.

The export of poultry products has also increased by 49 percent.

Om Yadav, a poultry farmer, said the business secured him financially, but demands more attention.

“Earlier, I was engaged in farming but my financial situation was not good. So, I got to know that the demand for eggs is more, and decided to start poultry business and by initiating this,” said Yadav.

“I am earning really good money and at present owning 20-25,000 chickens. It’s just that we need to look after them more in this business, like cleaning of the farm and vaccination of the hens,” he added.

Rafiyuddin Ahmed, a whole-seller, said people are switching to poultry for extra income.

“I believe it’s a great boost for the farmers of eastern India. The poultry business is gearing up as a source of extra income and is getting popularity among people,” said Ahmed. By Pawan Shah (ANI)

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