Toyota announces global recall of nearly 1.7 million vehicles following fuel leakage problems

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

LONDON - Toyota has announced the recall of nearly 1.7 million vehicles from across the world following complaints of fuel leakage and other problems.

The Japanese company said it was recalling several models, including the IS and GS Lexus luxury models in North America and the Avensis saloon and estate models in Europe. It is also recalling about a dozen models in Japan, reports.

Toyota also said that although there are no reports of accidents caused by defects, the company received 77 complaints overseas, 75 of them in North America, and more than 140 reports in Japan.

The largest number, nearly 1.3 million vehicles, of vehicles were affected in Japan.

In one problem, an improper installation of a sensor to measure fuel pressure may cause the bolt to loosen as a result of engine vibration over time, and possibly cause fuel leakage, the company said.

That problem also affects 280,000 IS and GS Lexus cars sold abroad, 255,000 of them in North America and 10,000 in Europe. That same problem was also found in the Crown and Mark X models sold in Japan.

The second problem, which affects 141,000 Avensis cars sold in Europe, was caused by irregular work on the fuel pipe, which may cause cracks and fuel leakage. That problem was also found in 16 models sold in Japan, including the Noah subcompact, RAV4 sport-utility vehicle and Wish cars, Toyota said. (ANI)

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