Fiat 500 Unveiled In USA

By Arnab Ghosh, Gaea News Network
Friday, November 19, 2010

LOS ANGELES ( Fiat the stalwart Italian car maker which had almost vanished from the US automobile industry is planning for a grand comeback. The rivals like Toyota and GM are now being haunted by recall and other issues thus it can try reestablishing the brand name in US market once again! The car maker unveiled its ambitious compact car named Fiat 500 at the recently held Los Angeles Auto Show. The brand manager of the company for North America Laura Soave said that the US customers will get access to authentic “Italian style and design” at an affordable price soon enough.

This is good news for the fans of the Italian car maker. The Fiat 500 reminds one of retro style and the Italian car maker is sure it will be able to woo the customers. Fiat has tied up with Chrysler a major US car maker for reentering the US market. The Fiat 500 can accommodate 4 passengers as long as they are not obese or large sized. The car is powered by a 4 cylinder 1.4 liter engine that generates a healthy 101 HP. The company claims that the technology and design used in the car’s engine allows it to save fuel and conform to the stringent new emission norms in the USA.

Fiat has said that the new Fiat 500 will be sold in the USA in 14 vibrant hues. The buyers also get plenty of customization choices and the interior of the car can be modified as per the choice of the customer. It will initially be launched in 3 versions in the USA - Lounge, Pop and Sport.

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