Financial Markets

United Stock Exchange Goes Operational Today
MUMBAI, INDIA(Gaea The United Stock Exchange becomes operational from Monday Sept 20.
Treasury To Get Rid Of AIG Stake
The Treasury seems to be prepared to loose its stake in the insurer American International Group (AIG, incidentally this company was bailed out during the recession.
India’s Economy may Grow by 9% on 2011
NEW DELHI, INDIA ( -- According to Finance Mister of India, Mr.
Small Business Sees Growth On Payroll, Economists Cautious
NEW YORK ( -- The small Business in the US are very excited about the payroll growth for the first time in almost 2-1/2 years this November.
Dollar Bows Under Heavy Pressure Of Unemployment
NEW YORK ( -- The dollar today was notably lower than the Euro and Yen.
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