Climate Change

Historic EPA finding: Greenhouse gases harm humans
WASHINGTON - The Obama administration took a major step Monday toward imposing the first federal limits on climate-changing pollution from cars, power plants and factories, declaring there was compelling scientific evidence that global warming from manmade greenhouse gases endangers Americans' health.
EPA: Greenhouse gases endanger human health
WASHINGTON - The Environmental Protection Agency took a major step Monday toward regulating greenhouses gases, concluding that climate changing pollution threatens the public health and the environment.
Global warming may require higher dams, stilts
With the world losing the battle against global warming so far, experts are warning that humans need to follow nature's example: Adapt or die.
India unveils target to slow carbon emissions
NEW DELHI - India will significantly slow the growth of its climate-warming carbon dioxide emissions over the next decade as its economy keeps expanding, an official said Thursday ahead of world climate change talks.
EU seeks China's help on climate change, currency
NANJING, China - Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao rebuffed calls from European leaders for faster reforms of Beijing's currency policies and said Monday that China is doing all it can to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases.
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