Blue Star Infotech launches mobile solutions for travel and hospitality industry

Monday, February 1, 2010

MUMBAI - Leading Travel Distribution Solutions specialist, Blue Star Infotech announced the availability of a suite of Mobile Enablement Solution frameworks for the Travel and Hospitality industry.

These are to be demonstrated at the upcoming Travel Technology Show, London, 9 - 10 Feb ‘10.

According to Suresh Iyer, Vice President - Marketing, Blue Star Infotech, “Travel and Hospitality players are constantly innovating and finding new ways of providing superlative customer experiences - both at the sales side as well as fulfilment side. The proliferation of smart phones has created a platform that can be easily leveraged for both purposes. BSI’s framework enables travel companies to rapidly enable the mobile channel.”

With a strong focus on providing smart distribution solutions to the Travel and Hospitality Industry, Blue Star Infotech leverages a number of Solution Accelerators to meet emerging and future demands of the Travel industry. One such accelerator, the Mobile Enablement Solution Framework, allows travel companies to quickly deploy applications on the mobile platform. The framework encapsulates application workflows, navigation control and multiple re-usable components. The framework also contains extensive set of layout templates adhering to usability standards and guidelines stipulated by leading mobile platforms, which helps in developing rich user interfaces.

The framework is highly flexible and scalable to supports multiple industry standard protocols for consuming web services like SOAP, REST, JSON and extensible for supporting other protocols. The framework can easily integrate with the travel enterprise backend systems like PMS, GDS, CMS and mapping services like Google Maps.

To realize the full potential of this framework, Blue Star Infotech has also developed a methodology which assists accelerated development and deployment of mobile application around this framework. The framework and associated methodology provides savings of over 30% in deployment costs. (ANI)

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