Palin says Obama would ban guns if he could, praises tea party movement as ‘beautiful’

By Mike Baker, AP
Friday, May 14, 2010

Palin says Obama would ban guns if he could

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin warned NRA members Friday that President Barack Obama wants to gut the Second Amendment and told a separate gathering that “mama grizzlies” will help Republicans win this November, sweeping away the Democratic agenda.

Palin, a potential 2012 presidential candidate, told National Rifle Association members during their annual meeting that the only thing stopping Obama and his Democratic allies from trying to ban guns is political backlash.

“Don’t doubt for a minute that, if they thought they could get away with it, they would ban guns and ban ammunition and gut the Second Amendment,” said Palin, a lifelong NRA member who once had a baby shower at a local gun range in Alaska. “It’s the job of all of us at the NRA and its allies to stop them in their tracks.”

Gun enthusiasts have trumpeted fears that their rights would erode under a Democrat-led White House and Congress, but President Barack Obama has largely been silent on issues such as reviving an assault weapons ban or strengthening background checks at gun shows. Obama also signed a law allowing people to carry loaded guns in national parks.

Palin, the GOP’s 2008 vice presidential nominee, also praised tea party activism during an appearance in Charlotte, and scoffed at suggestions that the movement had roots in violence, racism or rednecks before adding: “I don’t really have a problem with the redneck part of it, to tell you the truth.”

She proceeded to read several redneck jokes off her phone and talked about how she could relate to some of them.

During an event earlier Friday in Washington sponsored by an anti-abortion group, she challenged Republican women to help the GOP “take this country back” and elect anti-abortion lawmakers. She praised female leaders of the tea party movement and invoked the 2008 acceptance speech where she compared herself to a pit bull.

“You don’t want to mess with moms who are rising up,” Palin said at the Susan B. Anthony List event. “If you thought pit bulls were tough, you don’t want to mess with mama grizzlies.”

Palin said she understood how some women might consider abortion, citing her own experiences as the mother of a child with Down syndrome and the parent of an unwed teen mother. Last year, Palin said that “for a fleeting moment” she considered having an abortion when she learned of her son Trig’s prognosis.

But she said Friday that abortion is morally wrong and women should carry a fetus to term.

“It may not be the easiest path, but it’s always the right path,” she said.

She said Obama is “the most pro-abortion president ever to occupy the White House” and asserted that the health care law would fund abortions.

In fact, Obama’s health care law would not allow federal dollars to pay for elective abortions. Catholic hospitals and organizations of Catholic nuns backed the measure. U.S. Catholic bishops and major anti-abortion groups opposed it, arguing that federal dollars could end up paying for abortions.

Stephanie Schriock, president of EMILY’s List, said Palin talks a good game, but her version of what American women want doesn’t honor freedom and independence. She mentioned the Democratic lawmakers whom Palin had targeted for their votes for health care overhaul.

“First she puts targets on their back, then she wants the government in their bedrooms — what is Sarah Palin doing to Western women?” said Schriock. EMILY’S List helps candidates who back abortion rights.

Palin also criticized the media, singling out their coverage of her daughter Bristol, whose pregnancy was announced days after Palin was named the vice presidential nominee. Bristol Palin is a single mother who works on an abstinence-only campaign.

She said some young women would see what happened to Bristol and perhaps be encouraged to seek an abortion instead of facing similar criticism.

Palin also said Friday that the United States should continue to drill for oil despite the Gulf spill. She made the comments in an interview with ABC News.

Elliott reported from Washington. Associated Press Writer Jim Davenport in Columbia, S.C., contributed to this report.


May 14, 2010: 9:06 pm

Gun and ammunition SHOULD be banned! We don’t need to live in a world where guns are a way of life anymore, this isn’t the old west. People need to use their minds, education and intellect to solve problems…not firearms and resorting to violence. The only time violence is acceptable is during demonstrations and protest where those speaking are not being heard or are being attacked by police or the military and pushed back, otherwise it is unacceptable. It is esecially unacceptable as form of control, retaliation, hunting for sport or to get one’s way. The only people who resort to using guns are people who do not have the mental ablity to resolve issues otherwise, hence why Palin is such a staunch advocate for guns, she doesn’t have half , not even close to half, of the intelligence that Obama has. Obama would never need to use guns to solve a problem, he doesn’t create problems to begin with first off, and if there is an issue he creates a situation out of it where all involved are happy and willing to compromise for the great good of our communities, nation and the world. Why doesn’t this Palin chick get that no one can stand her and everyone loves Obama? Obama was elected as the favorite world leader on a global scale by a recent worldwide poll, Palin was elected either a total unknown name or one of the most annoying, unbearable people in the world on a global scale. Palin needs to get a REAL job (stop paying people to write books for her), teach her daughters about and get them on birth control, force her husband Todd (DUI), son Track(drugs,vadalisim), daughter Willow(breaking and entering/vandalism, minor in posession of booze,drugs) and other family and friends to take responsibility for laws they broke that she abused her power to get them out of and she needs to back off Obama, let him continue doing the steller job he is, and she needs to find a more positive and progressive way to contribute to the world.

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