Panasonic Toughbook announces arrival in India

Thursday, September 16, 2010

New Delhi, Sept.16 (ANI-Business Wire India): Panasonic Systems Asia Pacific has introduced five new models of the hard-as-nails laptops namely CF-S9, CF-F9, CF-C1, CF-19, CF-31, in the Indian market, which are all based on Intel(r) CoreT i5 vProT processor. The over-performers are highly reliable and durable allowing the lowest downtime in the industry.

The fully-ruggedized models, CF-19 and CF-31, run on Windows(r) 7 Professional, with a faster and more secure remote connection capability and a Windows XP downgrade option. The new devices are equipped with Turbo Boost Technology and shock mounted flex connect hard drive with quick release.

“Toughbooks have been suitably designed across various industry verticals. While on the move, users will benefit from a combination of great performance, easy remote access and security without sacrificing battery life. The devices can withstand vibration, drops, spills, extreme temperature and other rough handling. Toughbooks have earned — per cent share of the market worldwide and is set to increase further,” said William See, General Manager, Toughbook Asia Group.

Enabling superior data access and productivity for any mobile professional facing extreme environments, the fully-ruggedized models boast lowest failure rate in the industry. Professionals who have tried and overwhelmingly responded to the Toughbook edge, include first responders, military personnel and field workers in industries such as telecommunications, utilities and energy.

The fully-ruggedized Toughbooks offer optional Gobi2000 and WiMAX which improve the mobile connectivity experience for the customers. The Toughbooks includes a full three-year limited warranty, parts and labor, providing coverage wherever they are deployed.

Business ruggedized notebooks CF-S9, CF-F9 and CF-C1 have been designed for the convenience of busy business executives. Each component of a Toughbook is compact and strategically placed to produce a notebook that can be carried around with ease, while retaining the legendary “toughness” for maximum defense against downtime.

The new business models can withstand drops from heights of up to 76cms (switched on, on to under side of notebook) or 30cm (switched off) from 26 different angles. They are ultralight and run for up to 11 hours on a single charge. Equipped with water-protected keyboards and touchpads, the business ruggedised notebooks can withstand up to 0.2 litres of water. The liquid flows out of the notebook through a specially designed drainage or the “irrigation system” which routes water away from important bits to a “drain” at the base of the computer. A Toughbook is also able to resist pressure load of 100 kg and localised pressure load of 30 kg.

Catering to varied industry verticals like hospitals, restaurants, cosmetic companies, car Corporation, etcetera, Toughbooks have proved themselves to be best suited for their environment. Selected for their robustness and the fact that they can work under extreme temperatures, Toughbooks have expanded towards a wider audience in recent years.

The cost of the models is as follows:

Full Rugged models

CF-19- Rs 212,000

CF-31- Rs 254,000

CF-U1 - Rs 158,000

Business Rugged models

CF-S9- Rs 149, 000

CF-F9- Rs 157, 000

CF-C1- Rs 152, 000 (ANI)

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