Image, moods of India dominates Day Two designer collections at Wills Fashion Week

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

NEW DELHI - Fashion Designers Nandita Basu and Varun Sardana showcased their latest collections at the Wills India Fashion Week here on Tuesday.

Their collections were showcased under the theme Image and Mood of India.

Both Basu and Sardana’s collections were in black and white, displayed against the backdrop of a city.

“My collection is titled Paradox and it’s basically about opposites, which is why I chose the colours black and white. Even in terms of the silhouette, I kind of mixed very structured silhouettes with drapes so I guess that’s what the inspiration for my collection was,” said Basu.

Both designers used loud makeup and hairstyles for the models, giving the whole collection an exaggerated and dark mood.

“We never get inspired from our own ideas of beauty and decoration. I mean how would a woman dress up in India? You know you have basic things, which really kind of define how we decorate a woman or how a woman decorates herself, whether it’s a gajra (small garland of flowers) whether it’s gold jewellery, whether, you know, the eyebrows are all arched, you know, these small little details are a part of our aesthetics. The whole idea was to just take that out and put it together with what I make, that’s it,” said Sardana.

Karsh Kale played live music at the runway show, which blended perfectly with the designs and colours.

Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week, one of the largest fashion trade events in Asia, will showcase its Spring/Summer collection till October 27.

With an exciting collection of impeccable lounges, salons, exotic onsite restaurants and novel exhibitions the Fashion Week is being held at the Pragati Maidan, the international trade fair complex in New Delhi.

The Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI) claims the event to be the biggest fashion bash with 115 designers taking part this year. (ANI)

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