Oz ATMs eject ‘thousands of dollars’ thanks to malfunction

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

MELBOURNE - A malfunction in Commonwealth Bank has caused at least 40 ATMs to spill out “thousands of dollars” in Sydney and others in Brisbane.

Anecdotal reports suggest the machines have also been issuing excess cash in Melbourne, but there has been no confirmation.

In Sydney, police have been called to guard affected machines, including one at a suburban shopping centre which was “very busy” until the problem was noticed.

NSW police reported that around 40 ATMs operated by a “major bank” were dispensing large amounts of excess cash, reports the Herald Sun.

“There were two or three policeman guarding the ATM,” Plumpton Fast Photo retail assistant Jancy told the Daily Telegraph.

“We didn’t really know what was going on but there were people crowded around the machine.

“Then the coppers came and stood around while the [service] guy fixed it.

NSW Detective Superintendent Col Dyson warned it was a criminal offence to keep excess money dispensed from an ATM, and that they must return it to the bank.

“They should also realise that ATM locations are covered extensively by surveillance”.

Police are unsure at this stage what caused the fault and are liaising with the bank.

Earlier, the Commonwealth Bank said “routine maintenance” triggered a major glitch still affecting online, electronic and phone banking.(ANI)

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