Economic Policy

Bank Of America Will Pay $137 Million in Bond Rigging
Bank of America will have to pay $ 137 million to settle a case of municipal bond bid-rigging against the bank.
Payday Loan : Is it a Real Threat to Economy?
A Payday loan can be defined as a short-term loan with high interest rate given by any person or company.
Discover Cards Offers Holiday Bonus
[caption id="attachment_172823" align="alignleft" width="365" caption="Get a Free Holiday"][/caption] NEW YORK ( -- Discover card is on it's way of bringing the festive season a little bit earlier as they have decided to offer some of it's customer a holiday bonus.
Payday Loans: The Dark Facet
Payday Loans may really sound easy going for many, but not all are satisfied with the concept.
Payday Loan: Easy Money But at a Cost
Payday Loan happens to be a concept where a borrower can take a short-term loan to cover his expenses until he/she reaches his or her next payday.
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