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I’m not going to stand by and see laid-off workers cut off from their lifeline: John Kerry on Tax Cut
The Democrats have decidedly voted unanimously in against Republican backed Obama's tax cut extension plans.
UniCredit Should be Concerned about Picard Lawsuit
After we reported that Irving Picard, Court Appointed Trustee made a multi billion dollar Suite against the Austrian Banker had embroiled even Italy's largest bank Unicredit.
Bank Of America Will Pay $137 Million in Bond Rigging
Bank of America will have to pay $ 137 million to settle a case of municipal bond bid-rigging against the bank.
Obama Denies New Drilling Area To Big Oil
WASHINGTON ( -- President Obama's announcement that new areas along the east coast and the gulf of Mexico for new drilling project has raise quite a few environmentalist's eyebrows.
Federal Spending Cut Plan Rejected
WASHINGTON ( -- The Deficit Panel today rejected the sweeping reform plan.
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