UN Climate talks: US, China edge toward each other
COPENHAGEN - The United States and China took steps Thursday toward a broad agreement that could be sealed by President Barack Obama and Premier Wen Jiabao when they arrive at the flagging U.N.
Clinton: US would help raise billions on climate
COPENHAGEN - U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton sought to put new life into flagging U.N.
NASA, Google offer more precise emissions tracking
COPENHAGEN - The question is a potential deal-killer: If nations ever agree to slash greenhouse gas emissions, how will the world know if they live up to their pledges? The answer is in space, experts say - both outer space and cyberspace.
UN climate negotiators look to US for fresh ideas
COPENHAGEN - U.N. climate negotiators looked Wednesday to the United States to bring fresh ideas - perhaps in the form of extra billions of dollars - to try to salvage a bare-bones political agreement by the end of the week on controlling global warming.

LONDON - The leader of the Maldives, an Indian Ocean island nation whose very existence is threatened by global warming, was emphatic.
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