ISLAMABAD - The tone of the stock market in Pakistan for the next few weeks may be adversely affected due to the current sensitivity of ties between Washington and Islamabad, after a US diplomat was arrested in Lahore for shooting two Pakistani nationals, a top economic analyst has said.

ISLAMABAD - Employees of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) Friday night called off their week-long strike that affected flight services badly in the country after the resignation of the national carrier's managing director.

ISLAMABAD - Pilots and ground staff of the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) continued their strike for the third day Thursday, disrupting at least 120 flights scheduled for various domestic and global destinations.

ISLAMABAD - A parliamentary panel has decided to begin construction of luxury suites for Pakistani MPs at a whopping cost of Rs.3 billion, despite an opposition leader objecting to the project as the country was facing a financial crunch.

ISLAMABAD - Jewellery seems to have lost its sheen as a Valentine's Day gift of love as jewellers here are seeing a decline in sales.
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