New video shows Apple CEO suffering from pain

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

LONDON - A new video of Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs, reportedly affected with terminal pancreatic cancer, shows how painful it has become for him to take even a few steps.

Video footage and photographs have emerged online that show Jobs walking from a caf in Palo Alto with his wife Laurene Feb 8.

As his wife gets in at the driver’s side of the car, Jobs moves unsteadily towards the passenger side door. At one stage, his left foot crosses over in front of his right, forcing him to step widely to regain his balance. Opening the car door and lowering his tall frame into the seat seems to be an apparently painful process. Jobs also momentarily appears to rest against the door, the Daily Mail reported.

The video was first published on US website RadarOnline.

Jobs, 55, stepped away from the Apple administration on medical leave. The company has so far refused to provide any details on his health, or comment on the recent reports, or say when he might return from leave.

In 2004, Jobs had surgery for a neuroendocrine tumour on his pancreas. He also had a liver transplant in 2009.

The National Enquirer earlier said Jobs was receiving treatment at the Stanford Cancer Center in Palo Alto.

Chief Operating Officer (COO) Tim Cook is running Apple’s day-to-day operations while Jobs is on leave.

Jobs has been seen in recent weeks in the Apple campus in Cupertino, California.

Jobs last week attended a meeting with Obama along with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, Google CEO Eric Schmidt, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings and Oracle founder and CEO Larry Ellison.

A physician named Samuel Jacobson had said: “Judging from the photos, he is close to terminal. I would say he has six weeks.”

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