Supreme Court will give public online access to audio of every argument a few days later

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

High court will put audio of every argument on web

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court is broadening access to audio recordings of all its arguments, but ending its practice of same-day release of audio in high-profile cases.

Beginning with the new term next week, the court will post audio files of each week’s arguments on its website Friday. The court has for several years put the argument transcripts on the site within hours of the arguments.

Court spokeswoman Kathy Arberg said Tuesday the justices have decided they will no longer entertain requests from broadcasters for the same-day release of audio recordings. Last term, the justices rejected every broadcaster request.

Audio in big cases had been occasionally provided to broadcasters since the Bush v. Gore case that helped settle the 2000 presidential election.

Susan Swain — president of the C-SPAN cable network, which airs live broadcasts of congressional sessions — said she hopes the court will move to same-day release of all the arguments “and ultimately, television coverage of its public sessions.”

The court bars reporters from carrying recorders and cameras into the courtroom.

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