Black Friday 2010 Sales Bonanza

By Arnab Ghosh, Gaea News Network
Saturday, November 13, 2010

SAN FRANCISCO ( The frenzy and hoopla around this year’s Black Friday sales is gaining strength with each day and the buyers are busy looking for the best deals they can grab on the day which falls on November 26. To lure the prospective buyers a number of retailing giants have doled out Pre Black Friday offers that have proved to be immensely successful. There will be plenty of attractive deals on gadgets this year on Black Friday and the gadget lovers can expect to get several popular and much awaited gadgets of the year at rock bottom prices in the retailer outlets on Black Friday. Those who love Apple products can try buying one at Best buy selected outlets where they can get a $125 gift card.

Those who would rather buy the other tablets than iPad can try the Galaxy tab from the stable of Samsung. Best Buy is offering a $50 off on this device. Apart from that a Sony Vaio model can be picked up for just $399 which is a deal worth considering. Target is hogging the spotlight ever since it announced that it would offer a 40inch Full HD LCD TV at $298. Wal Mart, not to be left behind in this race has offered free shipping for the buyers who buy its products online on Black Friday. It will include 60000 products sold by the retail giant on Black Friday.

While Target is also offering a similar deal it is applicable for the deals above $50. On the other hand Wal mart’s Black Friday Deal is not limited by any minim buying limit as such.

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