Boscov’s Adopts Charity Program

By Reema, Gaea News Network
Saturday, November 27, 2010

SAN FRACISCO ( Boscov’s decided to offer something more after the sizzling Black Friday Deals. It has decided to adopt a charity program that would aim to help the poor and hospitalized elderly people and some helpless animals, who cannot speak for their rights.

The Boscov’s stores is Pennsylvania have set up two Christmas trees within the premises of their store premise, with each one dedicated to one cause. The trees, which are ornamented with jewelries and other goodies, would indicate what are the things, that patients at the nursing homes in the local district are in need of. On picking up these ornaments, the customers can either buy these patients with something usable or make monetary donations. All these money will be distributed amongst the nursing homes, that give shelter to the needy elderly people. They can also donate them with items of regular uses. On the other hand, yet another Christmas tree has been planted for the animal welfare. The customer has to follow the same procedure, to help the animals at the Blue Chip Farm Rescue Animal Shelter in Dallas. This farm gives a home to the helpless and mistreated animals and keeps them in peace. The store’s public relations area manager, Irene Kelly said that Boscov’s is asking the people to share the spirit of Christmas and be an angel for the poor and helpless.

She also revealed that this is the first time that Boscov’s is working with this animal shelter for animal welfare. According to her, these animals need a lot of help as it is unbelievable, how brutally certain animals are treated before they get a proper shelter. With the Christmas donations these animals will surely get some deserving rights.

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