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Maruti Suzuki Kizashi To Launch
MUMBAI, INDIA (GaeaTimes.com)- Maruti Suzuki is all set to launch yet another cool and luxurious sedan in the Indian Market, called Maruti Suzuki Kizashi.

KOLKATA, INDIA (GaeaTimes.com)- Bengal Peerless is all set to execute its much awaited housing-cum-commercial project at EM Bypass, worth Rs 400 crores.
London Based Investment Firms Gauging Twitter User  Emotions For Hedge Fund
This news is a bit late but it should come as a welcome to those of you who missed.
Google Buys Port Authority Building Spends 2.9 Billion Dollars
NEW YORK (GaeaTimes.com) -- The former Port Authority building located at New York's 111 Eighth Avenue.
Intel McAfee Acquisition greenlit by FTC
Intel's claims that the acquisition of McAfee has been given the green signal by FTI.
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